A christening is an important milestone in your little loved one’s life, so it’s important that you mark it with an extra special gift. Celebrate the ceremony with the help of Little Star Jewellery by finding the perfect christening gift to match your occasion!

Choose A Christening Necklace Or Bracelet 

Little Star has a wide range of perfect keepsakes for christenings. For your special occasion you can choose one of two beautiful types of gifts – a bangle or necklace. Our jewellery is available in silver or gold, so choose the type of precious metal that most suits you and your loved one.

We have a huge range of christening bangles and necklaces available, meaning there’s something for everyone! See some of our top picks here:

Luna Sun and Moon Christening Bangle

“You are my sun my moon and all of my stars.” This simple message is the perfect way to celebrate a newborn christening. This sterling silver band is adjustable and can be matched to our Mira silver ladies bangle for a stunning Mummy & Me set. Shop the bangle, here.

Thom Boys Silver Cross Necklace

The Thom Boys Silver Cross is the perfect present for baby boys. With an adjustable chain, the necklace will keep growing with the recipient right until their teenage years. Engrave with initials or a date to make it that extra special! Shop the cross necklace, here.

Flores Gold Baby Bangle

The Flores Gold Baby bangle takes a classic sterling silver design and adds a touch of gold-plated luxury. Suitable for girls and boys, the christening bangle is the ideal piece of jewellery to commemorate that perfect moment. Buy yours now.

Personalised Christening Gifts

Getting your gift engraved is the perfect way to make it extra special! At Little Star Jewellery we offer a free engraving service, allowing you to customise your jewellery piece and celebrate a special moment in life. Our jewellery is personalised by trusted long-standing professional engravers.

Shop All Christening Jewellery Now

At Little Star Jewellery, we understand the importance of making cherished memories. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift for each moment. Shop our full Christening range to find the perfect piece of jewellery for you, or speak to our team for advice on picking an item that will be treasured forever. View the Christening gift collection, here.