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23 09, 2022

3 Perfect Christening Gifts to Properly Mark the Occasion

2022-09-23T15:06:31+01:00September 23rd, 2022|Uncategorised|0 Comments

  A Christening is an important occasion for a little one and their loved ones, and marking the occasion with a keepsake gift will act as a reminder of the happy memories for years to come. Coming up with gift ideas for a Christening may be something that you find you need to put a [...]

26 08, 2022

Boys Jewellery: Why should they miss out?

2022-08-26T09:12:34+01:00August 26th, 2022|Blog|0 Comments

Jewellery is a thoughtful keepsake for those beautiful childhood memories you never want to forget. Christenings, birthdays and other special occasions are usually marked with a precious piece of jewellery in a little girl's life, but little boys can also appreciate a stunning bracelet or necklace if given the opportunity.   At Little Star we [...]

26 07, 2022

3 Personalised Gift Ideas for Young Children

2022-07-26T14:13:08+01:00July 26th, 2022|Blog|0 Comments

An engraved piece of jewellery is one of the most thoughtful ways to mark a special moment. Whether you are looking for the perfect bangle, bracelet or necklace, make it even more meaningful with a personalised message. Here at Little Star, we specialise in creating luxury personalised children's jewellery for all occasions. From birthdays to [...]

10 06, 2022

6 Luxury Baby Bracelets for Newborns

2022-08-30T10:07:24+01:00June 10th, 2022|Blog|0 Comments

Baby bracelets are a popular gift for newborns, and something important to get right. After all, it may be something they keep for years to come for the sentimental memories - or even pass down to their children someday.     Here at Little Star Jewellery we know just how important it is to find that [...]

6 06, 2022

Why Are Christening Gifts Important?

2022-06-06T10:07:21+01:00June 6th, 2022|Uncategorised|0 Comments

The tradition of gifting christening gifts has been around for hundreds of years, starting in tudor times, so many might ask the question as to if christening gifts are still important in 2022?   What is a christening gift? At Little Star Jewellery, we are strong believers that christening gifts represent the start of a [...]

29 04, 2022

5 Reasons Personalised Jewellery is the Perfect Gift for Kids

2022-05-26T06:02:35+01:00April 29th, 2022|Uncategorised|0 Comments

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, especially when looking to buy for children who have all the latest toys and accessories, so purchase a gift that will create a lasting memory with a personalised luxury children's jewellery piece.  We stock a fantastic range of earrings, bangles and necklaces that can be personalised and tailored [...]

3 03, 2022

The Best Matching Jewellery Sets for Kids & Parents

2022-03-03T17:12:45+00:00March 3rd, 2022|Uncategorised|0 Comments

If you’re looking for beautiful matching jewellery for parents and children, you’ve come to the right place! Little Star’s collection of matching jewellery is specifically designed to celebrate the beautiful bond of parent and child, with each piece built to last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for matching mother and baby jewellery or keepsakes for [...]

20 02, 2022

2022’s Best Christening Gift Ideas

2022-03-03T17:00:07+00:00February 20th, 2022|Uncategorised|0 Comments

A christening is a special time in your child's life, so it is only right to gift them an extra special present to celebrate this time. Traditionally christening bangles are a great choice, however, we have a special range of necklaces and bangles that can create the perfect keepsake for your children to remember this [...]

28 01, 2022

What Jewellery Can Toddlers Wear?

2022-01-28T12:43:30+00:00January 28th, 2022|Uncategorised|0 Comments

Gifting jewellery to your children is the perfect keepsake for them to treasure forever. However, when choosing their jewellery it is important to consider the size and fit, to determine which will be most suitable for them. Knowing what jewellery your toddler can and can not wear will not only ensure that your child is [...]

15 12, 2021

3 Leather Bracelet Designs for Your Child

2021-12-15T11:38:53+00:00December 15th, 2021|Uncategorised|0 Comments

When it comes to choosing a jewellery keepsake for your child, you will not be short of choice. At Little Star Jewellery, we have worked hard to create a jewellery range that has something for everyone. This includes a number of popular leather bracelets, all of which have been designed with style and luxury in [...]