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Silver Baby Bracelet

Silver Baby Bracelet

Baby’s first silver bracelet is a gift to cherish and the perfect way to mark a new arrival. Whether it’s a silver baby bangle or a silver baby bracelet to celebrate a special occasion like a Christening, or just a special gift to say I love you, it’s not difficult to see why jewellery for babies is becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re planning on purchasing baby jewellery it’s a good idea to know the designs and styles of the silver baby bracelets available in order to make the best decision. Each type of bracelet has a different fit, so it’s important to consider which type your child is likely to find most comfortable as well as the overall look of the bracelet.

Silver Baby Bracelet

Little Star Jewellery Baby Silver Bracelets

Silver baby bracelets are often made with silver chain, making them more flexible, more comfortable and easy-wearing. Different types of baby silver bracelet for baby’s include ID bracelets, Charm bracelets and Motif bracelets.

ID bracelets are a popular choice when it comes to silver baby bracelets, particularly baby boys and it is a great bracelet for engraving with your child’s name, date of birth.

Charm bracelets like our Athena silver baby bracelet feature many charms, hearts, stars and crosses, and Motif style silver baby bracelets usually feature one large heart or star.

Little Star Jewellery Silver Baby Bangles

Silver baby bangles are often made in a round or oval in shape. Most of our silver christening bangles slip over the hand and are adjustable to grow with the baby’s wrist. But here at Little Star Jewellery we also offer a hinged baby’s silver bangle, our Xandra bangle, that opens and then fastens around the wrist. Baby silver bangles can be a plain silver band, or can feature motifs and patterns adorned with diamonds. All of our bangles can be engraved with baby’s name or date of birth.

How to size a silver baby bracelet

To find out the right size for a baby’s silver bracelet using a piece of string or ribbon is a great way to find a comfortable fit. Try to allow an extra 1-2cm depending on the length and style to make sure it isn’t too tight or uncomfortable.

How to size baby’s silver bangle

Again measure using a piece of string or ribbon, and if you’re considering buying an expanding baby bangle, ensure you take into account that the hand is typically larger than the wrist. You want to make sure you can get the bangle over your child’s hand with ease.