In the summer of 2016 something was happening, in a South West London office the exciting plans of a husband and wife team were met simultaneously by an alignment of the stars.

Staring out to a beautifully dark night sky unblemished by bright city lights on a trip to Greece we dreamt of being able to harness the beauty of each shining light laid out in front of us and bring that bright, perfect star quality to every piece of our jewellery.

It was then that Cosmo the Rabbit was born, his job to catch falling stars so we can put that special piece of star quality in each of our lovingly designed pieces.

With over 20 years experience designing market leading children’s jewellery at our core we have teamed up with manufacturers of the highest quality and ethical standards to bring you not only something that comes from our heart, but something we can also be proud of knowing will stand the test of time as your special memento.

We know that every new life and the bond that makes is special and special occasions need to be marked. We therefore made it our work to find the perfect way to cherish not only the joy that new life brings, but also any milestone through the growth of your special one whether that be a birthday, a first day at school or even the most important occasion of all, just to say I love you.

Little Star Made to Cherish.

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