Engraving styles we offer

Classic Font - Times New Roman

Classic Font
Times New Roman

Scipt Font - Brush Script MT

Brush Script MT

Handwriting - Bradley Hand ITC

Bradley Hand ITC

Try and test a font:

Add your own handwriting or simple drawing

Using a black felt tip on white paper for best results

Take a clear photo

Upload the image via the chosen product page

How it looks on the jewellery

Personalised Jewellery
Personalised Jewellery


We want you to absolutely love the handwriting or personalised orders we create for you. To get the best results, follow our guidelines below…

We think it’s very important for you to be able to see the precious message we engrave onto your item clearly. This is why we have a different number of recommended words that fit perfectly on each item in our range.

Obviously this is dependant on the word length. For example, we can make five very short words larger and clearer on an item than we can make four very long words. If the words end up too small unfortunately they won’t be as legible in the space provided.

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