If you are looking for a thoughtful and keepsake gift to welcome a new baby into the world, consider opting for one of our stunning baby bracelets. We have a wide range of bangles that are ideal for Christenings and other special occasions, all of which are a beautiful addition for any baby. They are all luxurious and made using high quality sterling silver, meaning they are a gift that is sure to last. Our baby bracelets are ideal to give to a baby as something special, something for them and their parents to treasure for years to come. 


Four of Little Star Jewellery’s Popular Baby Bracelets

Willow ID Style Baby Bangle – If you are looking for a baby bangle that is simple and understated, the Willow ID Style Baby Bangle is ideal. Though classic in design, it looks luxurious and high quality. It’s a fantastic keepsake, appealing to those who prefer both a traditional and more modern look. 


Flores Gold Baby Bangle – If gold is more your thing, check out our very popular Flores Gold Baby Bangle. It is classic and traditional in design, meaning that it works well with any style. As it is simple, this is a bangle that looks just as good on baby boys as it does on baby girls. It’s a very popular design for those who prefer gold. 


Fleur Rose Gold Plated Heart Bangle – If there is one bangle that stands out as offering a little more than a standard design, it’s the Fleur Rose Gold Plated Heart Bangle. As well as being made with luxurious sterling silver, this baby bracelet boasts a delicate rose gold heart. It symbolises love and adds a modern twist. 


Jessica Rose Gold Star Christening Bangle – Whereas a lot of Christening bangles are classic and traditional in design, this baby bracelet is something completely different. Adorned with rose gold stars, this bangle is undeniably memorable. It’s certainly a bracelet that a little girl will enjoy wearing for many years. This bangle is a keepsake that no one will forget.

All of our baby bracelets can be personalised by engraving a name, date or personal message. This ensures the baby bracelet is one of a kind, which only adds to how unique and individual it is. Get in touch with Little Star Jewellery to find out more about any of our baby bracelets.