There is a lot to think about when organising a wedding, but don’t forget to prepare little bridesmaids for what’s expected of them. 


How to Help Little Bridesmaids on Their Big Day



  • Give Them a Personalised Gift – Whether they have been asked to be a flower girl or a bridesmaid, the entire wedding day is hugely exciting for little girls. So, why not give them a gift to remember it by? Not only does a gift commemorate the day, but it shows your appreciation of them being part of such a special event. Children’s jewellery is ideal for this, as it’s a thoughtful gift that acts as a keepsake for years to come. Little girls earrings and necklaces offer a keepsake that can be worn day in, day out afterwards.

    Plus, it can be personalised in a number of ways to make it even more special. 




  • Let Them Have a Practice Run Through – Regardless of how small and simple, or large and lavish, a wedding ceremony is you should find time to let bridesmaids have a run through. This will help them to understand their role and what is expected of them on the day.




  • Be Encouraging and Enthusiastic – Though the day is likely to be stressful, it’s important to be encouraging and enthusiastic throughout when it comes to little bridesmaids. You want them to feel excited and to enjoy themselves, which they won’t do if they can sense stress and chaos around them. 




  • Seat Their Parents at the Front of the Ceremony – It’s always a good idea to seat their parents at the front of the ceremony, so they have someone to focus on if they feel nervous or unsure. It can be daunting for a young child to stand up in front of a lot of people but a friendly face is helpful. 




  • Introduce Flower Girls and Little Bridesmaids to Each Other – If you have multiple flower girls and little bridesmaids on the big day, take a moment to introduce them to one another. They are much more likely to enjoy the experience if they have someone of a similar age to talk to and spend time with.



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