Children go through numerous amazing milestones throughout their young lives, and we can think of no better way to mark and celebrate them than with diamonds. Diamonds have always been used to mark milestones, show love, and celebrate a new journey – Little Star Jewellery believe that this should be no different for children.

Little Star Jewellery takes great pride in creating individual pieces as well as sets that will be cherished as your children grow up. Our pieces have all been ethically sourced and manufactured to the highest quality so they can be worn and used as stunning mementos for years to come.

We offer a range of products including necklaces and earrings for girls.


Diamonds for Special Occasions

At Little Star Jewellery, we manufacture heartfelt earrings, necklaces and bracelets to be the perfect token for beautifully marking occasions and memories. Whether the celebration is a Wedding, Birthday or Christening, there is a Diamond piece from Little Star to reflect every occasion.


8 Diamond Jewellery Picks

Our Xandra Diamond Baby Bangle  is a simple yet stunning Diamond Christening Bangle that can be worn until around 15 years of age and looked back on as a reflection of the moment for many more years after that.

Weddings and Birthdays are times that should be marked with jewellery thats ready to survive the test of time and act as a memory inducing memento. The Madison Pearl and Diamond Star Bracelet would be a gorgeous keepsake gift for a flower girl or bridesmaid no matter the childs age.  

The Adriana Diamond Locket would be an ideal necklace for any young girl. It has a sterling silver locket pendant with the ability to hold two photos meaning even more memories can be stored and treasured. This could be a birthday present or gift for any other special event.

For a more contemporary jewellery piece, we love the Gracie Rose Gold Bracelet. Its a rose gold piece with a cute diamond placed in the centre of a star – an ideal first birthday present.

If you want to match with your little one and have a beautiful necklace that represents the unbreakable bond you share, then the Diamond North Star Necklace is perfect for you. As part of our Mummy & Me collection, it is a lovely piece that you both could treasure and share for years.

For a more colourful piece of jewellery, we would recommend the Kaya 3 Colour Diamond Rainbow Pendant. The little rainbow pendant features a trio of precious metals and is set with a diamond. Plated with rose gold, yellow gold and silver, it really is something special!

Finally, the Noor Diamond Earrings and the Suri Diamond Earrings are simple, yet sparkly and sophisticated. These would make wonderful birthday gifts.

Shopping more of the Diamond Jewellery Range

To take a glance at the rest of our Diamond products please see the Diamonds page. We have a whole selection of beautifully crafted pieces ready to be worn and cherished. Many of our products can also be personalised to make the piece that extra bit special.