When it comes to choosing a jewellery keepsake for your child, you will not be short of choice. At Little Star Jewellery, we have worked hard to create a jewellery range that has something for everyone. This includes a number of popular leather bracelets, all of which have been designed with style and luxury in mind. 


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You can choose any of our leather bracelets, knowing they can be personalised and worn for years to come. They really do make wonderful gifts, whether you are celebrating a birthday or a Christening. 


Our Top 3 Leather Bracelets For Children

Though we have a number of great bracelets available at Little Star Jewellery, these three leather bracelet designs stand out as being something truly special. 


Hugo Boys Navy Leather Bracelet 

Hugo Boys Navy leather bracelet

The Hugo Boys Navy Leather Bracelet is one of our most popular options for boys, and it’s easy to see why. It stands out as being luxurious and stylish, whilst also boasting a relatively simple design. This means it appeals to a lot of children, regardless of their personal style and preferences. It’s ideal as a birthday gift or to mark a special occasion, and it can be made extra special with personalised engraving. 


Luca Boys Solid Silver and Leather Bracelet 

Luca Boys Solid Silver and leather bracelet

If you are looking for a luxurious leather bracelet with a contemporary twist, the Luca Boys Solid Silver and Leather Bracelet is sure to grab your attention. Not only is this leather bracelet ideal for boys of any age, but it can be personalised with a unique engraving of your choice. It’s a piece of jewelry that any child would be pleased to own and treasure for many, many years.


Andre Leather Bracelet 

Andre Boys Leather Bracelet

The Andre Leather Bracelet is the perfect combination of a cool and classic design, making it a fantastic gift for your child. It’s comfortable to wear, whilst looking premium and special. As the smallest of our leather bracelets, it’s best suited to younger children and it makes a lovely Christening gift. The Andre Leather Bracelet is part of a ‘Daddy and Me’ set, meaning you can always buy a larger one to match. 


As you can see, there are a number of beautiful leather bracelets to choose from at Little Star Jewellery. You are sure to find one that ticks every box for you and your child. 

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