Gifting jewellery to your children is the perfect keepsake for them to treasure forever. However, when choosing their jewellery it is important to consider the size and fit, to determine which will be most suitable for them. Knowing what jewellery your toddler can and can not wear will not only ensure that your child is safe but also comfortable in their new pieces. 

When it comes to purchasing for younger children, safety is the most important factor. When looking to buy your child their first piece of jewellery, is it always best to consider where and how they will be wearing the item to ensure their safety. And to be sure to regularly check that your child is comfortable wearing each item.   

Understandably for many parents wearing jewellery at a young age can be a concern, so it is essential that if purchasing for your little one, you do so by finding jewellery specifically made for children. At Little Star, we have the perfect range of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made with your little ones in mind. 


Is it Safe for a Child to Wear a Necklace? 

As with all types of jewellery, necklaces are safe for children to wear when proper safety measures are taken. At Little Star, we recommend only wearing a necklace during the day and never whilst your child sleeps, to prevent choking and other dangers that could occur. However, when worn safely and with parental supervision, your child can enjoy feeling beautiful in their Little Star Jewellery pieces. 



What to Look Out for When Choosing Jewellery for Your Toddler? 


Finding the Correct Fit

With children constantly growing it is important you purchase jewellery with the correct fit to ensure your little one feels comfortable and can wear the piece for years to come. Our pieces are either made to fit a specific size, or they are made to be adjustable and grow with your child.

If you require extra help finding the correct size for your child, take a look at our easy to use Little Star sizing guide.


Simple Clasps

One feature to consider when purchasing jewellery for a child is the clasp element. Having a simple, easy to use clasp will be beneficial for your little one, making it easy to take on and off and giving an added element of safety.


No Small Detachable Pieces

At Little Star, our jewellery is designed to be as child-friendly as possible, which is why we use minimal small attachments within our designs and avoid using detachable pieces that could cause concern to your child. Creating designs that are still eye-catching and stylish but with your child’s safety in mind.


mum and baby with matching necklaces


Discover the Little Star range of high-quality toddler safe necklaces 

If you are looking to find the perfect piece of jewellery to start your child’s collection then look no further than Little Star’s range of child-proof jewellery. Made specifically for your little ones with comfort and style in mind. 

We also offer a range of girls earrings, baby bangles and necklaces.