The tradition of gifting christening gifts has been around for hundreds of years, starting in tudor times, so many might ask the question as to if christening gifts are still important in 2022?


What is a christening gift?

At Little Star Jewellery, we are strong believers that christening gifts represent the start of a long lasting relationship. At a child’s christening they are officially gaining those special people who pledge to stand by them and look after them for years to come, and in some ways you could say the same about a christening gift.


A christening gift isn’t another example of a piece of jewellery that is loved and then replaced when the next trend comes along. It is something a child can keep and look after for years to come and to remember that special day. 


This is why at Little Star Jewellery, we think christening gifts are still revellent and very important in 2022, and will continue to remain so for years to come, whether it be a bracelet or necklace.  So if you’re looking for a christening gift this year, take a read through our tips for finding the best christening gift.


What should I look for in a christening gift?

Don’t know what to look for in a christening gift? We’ve put together a run down of our favourite christening jewellery to give you some ideas on what would make a special gift. 


Long-lasting Quality


Nobody wants jewellery that is going to break or deteriorate within a year or so, which is why it is so important to pick a good quality gift that the special child in your life can cherish for the rest of their lives. 


The Kaia Cross Necklace for Boys and Girls is a great example of this, featuring a traditional cross and adjustable chain.


A necklace is a good option if you’re set on getting a timeless piece of jewellery, this one can be worn from 2 to 16. Many necklaces can also easily be adapted into adulthood as the child in your life grows up. 

silver christening jewellery


A classic design

When looking for a christening gift, you want to pick something timeless, after all this is a piece of jewellery that your little one will be keeping for many years to come.


It’s best to avoid current style trends and instead go for a simple and clean cut design. This will also mean it’s suitable for your child as they grow older, and never look out-of place. 


The Xandra Diamond Baby Bangle is one we love here at Little Star Jewellery.  This signature piece made by Xandra, is a popular choice for those looking for silver christening jewellery. Diamond set and hinged, the bangle is a wonderful gift. The heavyweight silver in the Xandra Diamond Baby Bangle is perfect for your little one, and due to the hinge it can be worn up to 8-10 years.

silver christening jewellery
Adjustable in size 


Purchasing a gift that is adjustable in size might not be the first thing you think about when it comes to looking for a christening gift. However it is definitely one of the most important attributes you want in any gift you may be buying for your little one. 


Our Inez Diamond Star Baby Bangle features an adjustable band allowing it to be suitable for children up to 6 years old. 



You’ve picked out a lovely christening gift for your special little one on their christening day, but you’re now wondering what else you could do to make it that extra bit more special? 


Here at Little Star Jewellery we offer free engraving. A great choice if you’re looking for something personalised. Why not try adding a sentimental message or perhaps their names across the back of a bracelet. 


Thinking of buying a christening gift?


Explore our range of superior quality Christening bangles and necklaces, many of which are customisable. Get in touch with any questions, and we will try our best to help you explore our range of products here at Little Star Jewellery.