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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Perfect Jewellery for Mum

8th December 2022

Jewellery is a thoughtful gift, an ideal keepsake for a special occasion or just to show your mum you’re thinking about her. 


Buying a gift for someone who deserves the world can feel difficult, but at Little Star we believe that the perfect Christmas gifts for mums are gifts of beautiful, quality jewellery. 


At Little Star, we have come up with a comprehensive guide to buying the perfect jewellery for mum so that you can pick the perfect piece of jewellery with ease.


Little Star’s Comprehensive Guide:

When considering buying Christmas gifts for the mum in your life, you need to consider their preferences as well as the meaning behind the gift. Sentimental gifts for mum are the ideal way to make her Christmas special, as long as you follow our guide.

Naya Diamond and Silver Heart Necklace

Pick the right sized jewellery for her

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to jewellery size, some prefer dainty pieces whereas others like their jewellery to make a statement. If you can, have a look in mum’s jewellery box to get an idea of what she usually wears to make sure you are picking the right type of jewellery that she will wear day after day.


If your mum prefers dainty pieces, the Naya Diamond Heart Necklace is the ideal gift to spread the love this Christmas. However, for a more statement piece of jewellery, the Anika Adult North Star Diamond Necklace is a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection (and it comes with a mini-me version for an adorable matching Mummy and Me look).

Silver and Diamond North Star Mummy & Me Necklaces

Which colour of Jewellery will Mum Love?

Just as it is with size, everyone has a difference when it comes to jewellery colour and the material used. Sometimes the preference for the metal used can be due to allergies, but other times it’s just that they know what they like. 


Silver, gold and rose gold jewellery are each beautiful tones that any woman might add to her jewellery collection, so make sure you know which she would like best before choosing your gift. Have a look at what she wears regularly, or ask her friends to see if they know which she would like best.


If you can’t choose between colours, or you’re unsure of their preference, why not buy a mixed-tone gift like the Niesha 3 Coloured Heart Bracelet? This beautiful bracelet is ideal for those mums who love to mix and match.


Choosing Sentimental Gifts for Mum

When it comes to choosing a gift for mum, sometimes sentimentality is best. Choose a piece of jewellery that will leave her heart feeling full, whether it’s in the form of a Mummy & Me Matching Set or a personalised piece that reminds her of her children every time she wears it.


Discover beautiful gifts for Mum this Christmas

Make your mum’s Christmas with a gift that she’ll truly love. Discover our range of jewellery for mums here at Little Star.


At Little Star we offer free engraving services for a selection of our jewellery, allowing you to create the perfect gift for mum.

If you need any help with choosing the ideal Christmas gift for the mum in your life, please get in touch with our friendly team for more information on our high-quality products, or check out our range of Adult Jewellery For Her.

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