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When to Wear Hoop Earrings & When to Wear Stud Earrings

5th July 2023

Stud earrings and hoop earrings are both excellent fashion statements, but they differ greatly in terms of their design. With stud earrings offering an element of simplicity whilst simultaneously adding a modern, polished look to any outfit, hoop earrings are often chosen to incorporate both glamour and sophistication into an alluring fashion ensemble. 

With this in mind, you might be wondering whether you should be opting for hoop or stud earrings to wear for a certain occasion. If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. Although both options are highly-desirable by fashion experts, one particular earring design might favour your outfit, and the event, more than the other.  So when should you wear stud earrings and when should you wear hoop earrings?


When should you wear hoop earrings?

Hoop earrings are different from stud earrings, not only due to their obvious difference in design, but also because of the vibe that they each give off. We’ve already discussed how stud earrings can compliment an outfit without being too dressy, so let’s talk about how hoop earrings can enhance your fashion choices, regardless of the setting.


For a night out

Hoop earrings have always been considered a fun, captivating jewellery choice. So where better to wear them than for a night out on the town? Whether you’re going for a delicious meal followed by a visit to a contemporary cocktail bar or are hitting the night clubs for a boogie on the dance floor, hoop earrings are perfect if you’re wanting to let your hair down at the end of a busy working week.

To a sophisticated meal

Despite their often fun and distinctive designs, hoop earrings can offer an air of sophistication and elegance. This is why many people choose to add hoop earrings to their outfit when enjoying a pleasant meal out. Whether you’re going to a quirky bistro or a fine dining establishment, hoops will make heads turn.


Attending a party

Hoop earrings are an incredibly versatile jewellery choice. This is why they’re worn and embraced by so many. Where you can wear them to an elegant meal, you can also wear them to a party. 

From Christmas and New Year to birthdays and christenings, hoop earrings make a classic fashion statement. If you’re attending a christening party, then why not take a look at some of the christening gift options we have available here at Little Star Jewellery? Whether you’re looking for silver necklaces or gold baby bracelets, we’ll have something special for you to give. 


When should you wear stud earrings?

Stud earrings are often thought of as being minimalist. But there are plenty of design choices out there that will offer a simple-yet-captivating element to your overall look. Although studs can be used for any occasion, you can wear them in one of the following settings:


In the office

Wearing studs to work gives off an air of professionalism. But it also shows that you’ve carefully put your outfit together in a way that embodies several fashion elements. No matter your work attire, stud earrings will bind everything together, from top-to-toe. 

There are many different designs available for you to choose from here at Little Star Jewellery, from heart-shaped rose gold and beautiful round pearls to star-shaped silver and rainbow designs, you’ll be sure to find something amongst our carefully selected earring collection – you’ll also be able to find a necklace to match.


During a casual day out

From the bar to your local coffee shop, studs can be worn anywhere. Studs will tie even the most casual of outfits together without being too dressy. Unique designs and metals will make the ultimate fashion statement. They add an alluring twist to your outfit that’ll make everyone to look twice. Whether you’ve opted for a sundress in the summer or blue jeans in autumn, studs will never let you down.


To a formal event

Stud earrings come in many different designs. So you’ll find a pair that will make sure you stand out at formal events. Formal settings require an element of sophistication and style, something that studs can provide in ample measures. They’re the perfect eye-catching fashion choice without being too over-the-top.

Little Star Jewellery are highly-experienced, dedicated jewellers specialising in an array of jewellery items that would make the perfect gift for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for christening gifts, personalised items, matching mother and baby sets, jewellery for him or for her, to name just a few products we are proud to offer, we’ll be sure to have what you’re looking for. If you would like further information about the jewellery we have available, all of which is of a superior quality, then get in touch with a member of our professional, knowledgeable team today – we’re pleased to serve customers throughout the UK.

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