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4 Reasons to Choose Gold Baby Bracelets Over Silver

6th September 2023

Gold baby bracelets are the ultimate christening gift for any child who is being baptised. While silver ones tend to be more popular, largely down to the fact that they’re more affordable than gold alternatives, gold makes for a one-of-a-kind metal for baby bangles for christenings. If you’re looking for a special gift that will stand out from the crowd, then here are four reasons as to why you should choose gold baby bangles over silver ones:


1. Gold is less volatile than silver

While this might seem like a negative, it’s actually a positive thing that gold is less volatile than silver. Essentially, this means that the silver market is significantly smaller than the gold market. The size of the market depends on how much of the metal is readily available. Where gold is significantly more valuable than silver, silver is more commonly used in industry, making it more of a sector investment. 

Gold is far more valuable both from a monetary standpoint and a sentimentality perspective. This means that gold jewellery, and other gold items, are far more likely to stay within families and are subsequently passed on through the generations. Essentially, gold will always be the superior choice when it comes between choosing a gold and a silver baby bangle for christenings.


2. Gold is more valuable

Again, this might seem like a negative, especially if you’re on a budget, however, gold jewellery is worth the investment. This is also important if you’re looking to purchase something as special and as precious as a baby bracelet for a christening. There’s a reason why gold is more valuable and that’s because it’s harder wearing and ages exceptionally well, unlike silver. 

Silver can become tarnished over time, requiring regular maintenance throughout its lifetime, something we’ll get onto in a moment. However, while gold still needs to be taken care of to keep it in top condition, it doesn’t require the same level of maintenance as pure silver jewellery. 

This is paramount when it comes to keeping something as sentimental as a baby bracelet for a christening. The family is likely to keep hold of it for many years to come. So you want to make sure that it looks as good as the day you first bought it, whether someone looks upon it a week or a decade later. If you’re looking for the ultimate christening gift, then choose a gold baby bracelet.


3. Gold is easier to maintain

We’ve already touched on this briefly, but gold is far easier and more convenient to maintain. Depending on the purity of the gold baby bangle you choose, it may not require any aftercare at all, aside from a bit of light polishing. A baby bangle for a christening is a precious gift to bestow on a child, no matter their age. It’s been a popular baptism gift for generations. 

As such, you want to make sure that your baby bangle remains in excellent condition throughout the child’s lifetime. Make it something that their children and their grandchildren can behold in many years to come. Gold has a way of looking its best, no matter how old it gets. So choose a gold baby bangle over a silver one if you’re looking for maximum longevity.


4. Gold is timeless

Gold is a classic, timeless metal when it comes to jewellery. According to the Victoria and Albert Museum, gold jewellery has been around since the Bronze Age, dating back to as early as 800-700 BC. It then follows through the ages. Gold jewellery was prevalent in Egyptian times and through the Medieval and Renaissance era. 

It’s clear that gold jewellery has been commonplace through the centuries. This is because it’s still not ceased to amaze even the most seasoned of fashionistas and style icons around today. Gold jewellery can be reused and re-worn in this modern age, no matter how old it becomes. Gold is timeless, meaning it’ll be used to elevate outfits and styles into the next few centuries.


Little Star is proud to supply a wide range of different jewellery products to men, women and children alike. From christening gifts and matching sets to ladies jewellery and men’s jewellery, there’s something for everyone here at Little Star. If you would like further information about the stunning jewellery items we have on offer, get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team today – we’re always pleased to hear from you.

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