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What Are the Benefits of Silver Jewellery?

19th September 2023

According to Marie Claire, silver jewellery is making a comeback in terms of jewellery trends this year. So while you might well have already incorporated silver into your individual style, using it to enhance your outfits, no matter where you might be going, there are likely to be a few of you who still prefer white gold or even yellow gold over silver alternatives. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to embrace silver jewellery items, here are a few reasons to give it a try this autumn/winter season.


It enhances your style

Silver is a beautiful material that provides a sleek and glamorous aspect to any outfit. Whether you’ll be spending the day in the office or out on the town, a silver piece of jewellery will enhance your individual style even further, without being too over the top. Silver is ideal if you’re making a fashion statement with other items and aren’t looking to draw the eye away too much, but it gives just the right level of glitz that will seamlessly compliment any outfit.


It has hypoallergenic properties

According to Monical Vinader, silver in its purest form is 100% hypoallergenic. However, pure silver is far too soft fashion jewellery items from. This is why silver is often made up of, usually, 7.5% alloys, (the majority of which is copper, which is also considered to be hypoallergenic) with the rest being pure silver. 

This is known as 925 silver and is often what’s used to make silver jewellery from. Essentially, by choosing silver jewellery, you can say goodbye to rashes, itchiness and any other allergic reactions you might suffer if you wear costume jewellery, for example. Silver is naturally compatible with our sensitive skin, because it’s so hypoallergenic.


It’s easy to clean & maintain

Silver is very easy to look after, clean and maintain, generally. This is especially the case if the jewellery doesn’t contain any gems, diamonds or other aspects. However, it’s not uncommon for silver to become tarnished or discoloured over time. 

The difference here being that cleaning silver jewellery is incredibly easy to do, even at home. However, you should take your silver jewellery into a qualified jeweller to have it professionally cleaned. Not only will it be thoroughly cleaned to a high standard, but it will be restored to a point where it looks as bright as the day you first made the purchase.


It’s affordable

Silver is far more affordable when compared to yellow gold, white gold and platinum. But it still offers complete hypoallergenic properties. If skin sensitivity is something you suffer with, but you can’t budget for gold jewellery, then silver would be best.

Silver offers a stunning enhancement to any outfit, without breaking the bank financially. No matter the jewellery item, there will always be a silver jewellery item available that will seamlessly compliment your style. Not to mention it will also cater to your budget.


Silver is long-lasting & durable

You’ll find that silver jewellery items can be worn day in, day out, without becoming scratched or broken. Especially if it doesn’t contain any gems, stones, diamonds or other additional elements. If maintained and cleaned well, you’ll find that silver jewellery items will last a lifetime. 

You won’t need to replace or repair silver jewellery, especially if it’s of high quality; something you’ll get if you choose to purchase silver jewellery from us here at Little Star. Silver will last for decades. More so because it’s been expertly combined with copper, which is also hard-wearing. This therefore means that you’ll be able to hand it down to the next generation.


It’s a timeless option

Silver is incredibly versatile, meaning it will go seamlessly with any outfit and will suit any occasion. You’ll find that, with silver jewellery, you’ll be able to wear the same piece continuously for years to come. All without having to worry about it going out of fashion in just a few years time. 

Silver jewellery is often considered to be timeless. It will last (with the right maintenance) for decades, so you’ll be wearing the same silver jewellery forever. Silver is a classic jewellery choice for any fashionista, so no wonder it’s come back into style this year.

Little Star is proud to have an impressive range of high-quality silver and gold jewellery available for those who are either looking to enhance their outfit or who are looking for the perfect gift. From christening presents and mother and baby matching sets to jewellery for men and jewellery for children, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with Little Star. For further information about our jewellery items, or to discuss personalisation options, get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team today – we’re always pleased to hear from you.

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