Buying jewellery online is something that seems very straightforward and simple. It’s a common thing that people do, whether they’re buying timeless pieces for themselves or are wanting the perfect gift for their loved ones. However, there are some things you should keep in mind if you do choose to buy your jewellery online. Regardless of whether you have chosen this method before, or are purchasing jewellery items online for the first time, here are six mistakes you should do your utmost to avoid:

1. Not reading descriptions & neglecting to look at photos

You need to be aware of exactly what it is you’re buying. Where you might not forget to look at the pictures when buying jewellery online, something that is more commonly forgotten about is the written description that goes along with it.

Does the description match the image, for a start? In addition, the description will also detail dimensions and the material that the item is made out of. You can buy stainless steel watches, for example, but if you wanted a silver one, then cross-check this against the product description.

The problem here is that stainless steel can mimic the look of silver, so unless you check this in detail before making the purchase, you may well end up with a watch that has a stainless steel strap as opposed to a silver one.

The next problem comes with whether or not you’ll be able to exchange or return something you got the wrong end of the stick about, which brings us onto our next point – forgetting to check the returns policy.

2. Forgetting to check the returns policy

Not checking the returns policy is a rookie error. You need to know what your rights are before you make a purchase. This is especially important when it comes to buying jewellery, because it’s very easy to buy something that is in the wrong size or, as we’ve already mentioned, an item that is made from a different material. It’s not uncommon for online consumers to change their mind on a jewellery piece either.

In pictures, jewellery can look very different to how they look in real life. If you’ve made a purchase that you don’t like the look of when it arrives at your door, then it’s important that you can return it to the retailer. Check all of the details surrounding returns and refunds, just to make sure that you’re covered if you change your mind.

3. Buying jewellery that you won’t wear

It’s very easy to make a purchase online based on an image that you see, but you should think carefully about whether or not you’re actually going to get any use out of a jewellery piece. Is it something that is distinctive and colourful? Do you have an outfit in mind that you may want to wear it with? Is there an occasion, or several occasions that you would like to wear it to? If the answer is ‘yes’, then take the plunge and make the purchase.

However, if it’s something that you would never wear, or something that you would only really wear once or twice, then reconsider the choice to buy it, even if you really like it. Jewellery should be a timeless, complementary element to any outfit, not just one or two. If you’re looking for classic jewellery items that you can wear anywhere and everywhere, then seek out gold, rose gold or silver pieces.

4. Purchasing the wrong size

It’s easy to purchase jewellery, especially rings, watches, bracelets and necklaces, in the wrong size. Not many people are aware that necklaces and bracelets come in different lengths. There are many ways to determine which size you need. Simply take a measuring tape and measure around the wrist or neck.

You should then consider how tight or loose you want it. Do you want a necklace with a longer chain or something that will sit neatly along the collar bone? Do you want a watch that is tight around your wrist or would you prefer the watch to sit more loosely so it can travel up and down the arm freely?

The same question goes for bracelets as well. Rings, however, are different. Rings can be measured using a measuring tape, but the most common way of measuring your finger for a ring is to go into a jeweller.

They will have a string of stainless steel rings, each one being a different size. Ring sizes are measured in letters. The further down the alphabet it is, the bigger the ring will be. Measuring for jewellery isn’t straightforward, so check with the experts before ordering jewellery online.

5. Trusting illegitimate businesses

Despite there being thousands of legitimate independent jewellers online, there are a handful that aren’t so honest. But with the development and advancement in technology, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to distinguish the two. What you need to do is make sure you do some research.

You need to look at certifications, quality assurances and general reputation. You can do this by looking on social media, using Trustpilot or even checking the government website to see if they’re on Companies House. Something to bear in mind with that is that only public businesses will be there, as opposed to limited ones.

So just because they’re not on Companies House doesn’t always mean that they’re illegitimate. Again, make sure you do your research to try and make the decision about whether they’re to be trusted or not. Another thing to look at is customer reviews, which we’ll get onto now:

6. Failing to read customer reviews

Customer reviews, whether you use Google or social media, are extremely telling about both the reputation of the company and the quality of the goods they sell. Before making a purchase online, especially with a company you’ve never given your custom to before, check the customer reviews.

You should use different platforms and be cautious of overly detailed or over-the-top reviews that are nothing but positive. You should also look for patterns in bad reviews. Are they consistently bad or are there just one or two dotted in between glowing reports? Trustpilot is also a great source when it comes to customer reviews online.

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