When someone close to you is celebrating a christening, it’s good etiquette to bring along a christening gift. However, with most children being baptised at a young age, it can be difficult to find an appropriate gift that is christening-centric. 

Where most people will choose to give clothes, toys, blankets and small trinkets, they’re unlikely to stand the test of time. This is where christening bangles and christening bracelets come into play. But why are they something that many people continue to rely upon as the ultimate christening gift? Let’s delve deeper into everything that christening bangles have to offer.


Christening bracelets offer symbolism & make traditional christening gifts

Baby bangles hold steadfast symbolism, making them an incredibly important item in many different cultures. Typically, they’re considered to be a symbol of luck and protection, whilst also ensuring the well-being of the child it’s given to. Christening bracelets aren’t just a timeless piece of jewellery that can be kept for decades to come. 

Baptism bracelets impart well wishes and blessings on to the child who receives it for their christening. One of the great things about baptism bangles is that they’re available in a wide range of materials and some can have different aspects adorned on them, such as charms, pearls and birthstones. 

Pearls, birthstones and charms have their own separate symbolism as well, making a christening bangle all the more symbolic for the child who is being baptised. For instance, charms can represent love, sacrifice and protection; pearls embody the child’s journey into a life of virtue and birthstones add a personal touch, carrying identity and providing a connection to when they were born into the world.


Christening bangles are carefully crafted by talented experts

Christening bracelets are delicately made, whether they’re plain silver or are covered in meticulous patterns and designs. They are carefully designed and made with the utmost skill and precision. The experts who craft these special baptism gifts understand the importance and symbolism behind them, therefore ensuring that you’re provided with a christening bracelet that is both special and will last for generations to come.


Christening bracelets make a timeless keepsake

Baptism bracelets are an incredibly special gift for any child who is being christened. They’re often treasured by family members and kept for many decades as a timeless keepsake. Made to the highest possible quality, it’s  easy to see why bangles have remained a popular baptism gift.


There’s an option to personalise christening bangles

Christening bangles, traditionally, are available in plain silver. They can also come adorned with delicate silver designs across the entirety of the bracelet. Where there are still classic designs available, there are more options these days when it comes to unique christening gifts. 

Personalised christening bracelets can take a wide range of different forms. From the engraving of names to the addition of birthstones, baptism bracelets can be easily personalised. This makes  for a christening gift that would be difficult for anyone to top. 

Another benefit of personalised jewellery is that you can rest assured that another guest won’t get the child the same christening bangle. It’s likely to become a keepsake that the family will hang onto for many years.


Christening bracelets are available in a wide range of different materials

Christening bangles, traditionally, are available in sterling silver. This is because silver is great for sensitive skin. It’s also a timeless and versatile material that is durable and stylish. However, the classic silver christening bracelet isn’t the only type of baptism gift on the market. 

These days, christening bangles are available in gold and rose gold materials. They make for a unique gift that gives the same impact as a traditional silver christening bangle. If you’re looking for a special christening gift that will stand the test of time, then purchase a christening bangle.



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