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A Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

21st May 2024

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and with just under a week to go, you’re likely searching, frantically, for the perfect gift for your dad in time for the big day. But you can stop in your search for the perfect Father’s Day gift, because we have put together this handy guide of gift ideas for you. From plants and paintings to socks and jewellery, here is your last minute Father’s Day gift guide that everyone need right now:


For a sporty dad

There are many items that would be perfect for a sporty dad, from a new pair of socks for the football-loving fathers to swimming shoes for those who love an open-water dip. But there are some items that will do for every type of sport, including towels or a new sports bag to carry their gear. Other presents for Father’s Day, however, might be a little more specific, such as a new 9 iron or a set of brand new darts. No matter what your dad might be into sports-wise, there will be something to suit their every need. 


For a traditional dad

Traditional dads might be on the lookout for personalised whiskey glasses or pint cups to watch the footy with. Although, traditional dads might be happy with a new pair of socks and a few bottles of beer. Those are things they can really enjoy on a weekend afternoon. Think practical-yet-understated for the traditional dads, which can also include jewellery in some cases. Opt for classic silvers or leather bracelets for a timeless gift that he will treasure for years to come.


For an artistic dad

Is your dad heavily into art or is he creative in other ways? Does he prefer writing over painting or does he take pride in interior design or garden landscaping? Creativity can come in many forms, so think outside of the box with this one. From a new set of water colours to a personalised notebook for jotting down all of his ideas, the world is your oyster when it comes to gifting your arty dad a Father’s Day present this year.


For a fashionable dad

When it comes to fashionable fathers, there are a wealth of different presents you could buy. From those who appreciate a new designer polo shirt to more budget-friendly options like a pair of socks or a simple slogan tee, fashionable dads are always on the lookout for items to incorporate into their wardrobe collection. So anything you choose will be sure to become their new favourite addition. 


For a sentimental dad

Sentimentality comes in a range of forms and can be found in almost anything. From a school tie to precious stones, we’re hard-wired to find sentiment in things that mean the most to us. But what do you buy your dad for Father’s Day if he likes to find the sentiment in things? Jewellery is often a great choice when it comes to special gifts. However, we’re aware that men are less likely to wear jewellery when compared to women.

So what could you possibly buy your dad, jewellery-wise, for Father’s Day? Well, we have a range of options here at Little Star Jewellery, from Daddy and Me matching sets to leather bracelets and sterling silver tags. In addition, many jewellery items can be personalised by our team, so you can have messages engraved on tags and bracelets, for free, to make the item even more precious and unique. We will have something that every sentimental dad will enjoy.


For a gardening dad

We all know someone who enjoys spending time in the garden. Most of the time, it involves a dad who is obsessed over the look and condition of his lawn. With that in mind, there are plenty of things you could give your gardening dad for Father’s Day this year. From tool sets to a new plant, there are many options available for dad’s who prefer being outdoors. All without leaving the comfort of their own garden.


Little Star Jewellery are pleased to offer gold, rose gold and sterling silver jewellery items to men, women and children. No matter what it is you’re looking for, from Father’s Day gifts to Christening presents, you can rest assured that there will be something in our collection that will suit your every requirement. If you would like further information about our extensive jewellery collection, or to enquire about our free engraving service, get in touch with a member of our friendly, professional team today – we’re always pleased to hear from you.

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