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7 Reasons to Have Your Ears Pierced

24th June 2024

Getting your ears pierced enables you to adorn an impressive selection of gold, silver and rose gold earrings that will be suitable for any occasion. Earrings, like most jewellery items, help to add a stunning finishing touch to any outfit. From looking stylish and sophisticated during the day to being glamorous and elegant at night, earrings add an alluring element to any fashion choices you make, whether they be smart or casual. But aside from being able to wear beautiful jewellery, why else should you look to get your ears pierced if you haven’t already? Here are seven reasons why you should consider having your ears pierced:


1. You’ll always be in safe hands with a trained & registered professional

You won’t have to worry about your ear piercing being botched or done in a way that is painful throughout. This is because ear piercings are carried out by trained and registered professionals. Not only is this essentially for hygiene and safety, but it also ensures you have an excellent experience every single time. Not to mention, while the experience won’t be completely pain-free, it will be short-lived. Before you know it, it will be done and you will be wearing a gorgeous pair of earrings to elevate your outfit.


2. The process is smooth & safe these days

We’ve already touched on this, briefly, but the ear piercing procedure has never been more smooth and safe. You’ll never have to be concerned about infections. Nor will you have to be inconvenienced with repeat visits to your beautician to check on your progress. These days, you simply have the procedure done and you’re sent on your way. The treatment will be carried out by a registered professional. As such, they will understand the importance of hygiene and safety. Don’t let the chance of infection put you off having your ears pierced, because the chances are slim.


3. There are a wide range of earring styles to choose from after the piercing has been done

Choosing a set of earrings is the most exciting part of having your ears pierced. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should be wearing your new earrings for at least six weeks, if not longer. So make sure you’re choosing a pair of earrings that are timeless and versatile. Choose a pair that can be taken, effortlessly, from day to night. It will be advised that you pick some studs as you will need to sleep in them also. Earrings are an excellent addition to any outfit, so make your choice count.


4. Aftercare advice will be given

To ensure the ear piercing procedure goes as smoothly as possible, you’ll be given aftercare advice by a registered beautician. It will include a lot of useful information. It’s mainly to avoid the holes healing over and to prevent the risk of infection. If you’re not sure, ask them to write it down for you. However, just in case you were wondering about aftercare, here are some tips for your newly-pierced ears:

  • Leave your jewellery in for at least six weeks (the only exception being to clean the piercings)
  • Choose studs or sleepers, this ensures you’re as comfortable as possible while your ears become accustomed to the new addition
  • Always wash your hands before touching your earrings or earlobes
  • Clean your piercing at least once a day with a fragrance-free cleanser and rinse the piercing thoroughly afterwards
  • Keep an eye on your piercing, ensuring it doesn’t change colour, shape or size. If it does, seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible


5. It can help with relaxation & easing anxiety

According to the Healthline, there are other reasons as to why someone would have their ears pierced, aside from being able to show off gorgeous jewellery pieces. There’s a procedure available called ‘daith piercing’. It’s believed by some to help ease feelings and symptoms of anxiety. Located in the innermost fold of the ear, it’s possible to adorn an earring here.


6. Can it regulate appetite? 

There’s a theory that there are certain pressure points within the ear that can trigger a reduction of appetite when stimulated, claims KANJO. However, it’s not always necessary to have ears pierced completely. In some cases, acupuncture can be just as effective, according to L’OFFICIEL. However, some believe that ear piercing isn’t as effective as people think when it comes to regulating appetite. 

According to The Columbus Dispatch, there’s not much evidence to suggest that piercing your ears, or having acupuncture on your ears, will actually regulate or minimise your appetite. Even if it doesn’t cure your hunger, you’ll be able to wear a stunning pair of gold, silver or rose gold earrings.


7. Does it help with migraines?

While there are reports to suggest that migraine relief is something to be achieved by having your ears pierced, there’s more evidence to suggest otherwise. According to the Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials, there’s not much scientific evidence to confirm migraine relief through ear piercings, despite there being some studies that have focused on the benefits of daith piercing

However, according to the National Institute of Health, it was found that 47.2% of those who participated in a study into migraine reduction and daith piercings claimed to have experienced fewer migraines after having their piercings done. While there’s evidence to suggest that ear piercings help when it comes to migraine relief, the jury is still out with regards to confirming this benefit. But again, it still gives you an opportunity to adorn a beautiful pair of earrings from Little Star Jewellery.


Little Star Jewellery are pleased to offer a wide range of different jewellery options, not just earrings. We are also able to offer necklaces and bracelets to men, women and children, no matter your needs or tastes. Whether you’ve just had your ears pierced or are simply looking to change up your style or fashion choices, you can rest assured that we’ll have a stunning pair of gold, silver or rose gold earrings that will be treasured for generations to come. If you would like further information about our beautiful collection of jewellery, then get in touch with a member of our friendly team of jewellery specialists today – we’re always happy to hear from you.

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