Christening Jewellery Guide

Christenings are a big moment in a child’s life, it’s a chance for all of their loved ones to gather together and celebrate their entrance to the world. At Little Star we are proud to offer traditional but modern Christening Jewellery to help mark the occasion and create a memory that lasts forever.


Christening Gifts for Children

Choosing gifts for children can feel daunting, which is why at Little Star we have created this Christening Gift Guide, allowing you to find the perfect memento for the day. 


Children’s Jewellery is a fantastic gift that can become a keepsake that will be treasured as they grow up. Whether you are looking for something that they can wear now or something that can grow with them, at Little Star we have a wide range of children’s jewellery to suit the occasion.


Bangles for Christening Gift Ideas

Christening Bangles are a great gift idea for Christenings. Available in traditional silver and a variety of styles, bangles can be adjusted as a child gets older for a long-lasting gift that’s a reminder of all of the love presented to them on that special day.


Discover a range of Christening Bangles available from Little Star.


Cote Silver Baby Bangle

Cote Silver Baby Bangle

For a traditional, unisex bangle that can be personalised for your loved one, the Cote Silver Baby Bangle is the ideal Christening gift. A simple style that won’t be out of place, this bangle can be engraved with names or dates for extra memorability.


Honor Diamond Cross Baby Bangle

Honor Diamond Cross Baby Bangle

A great reminder of the commitment made at their Christening, the Honor Diamond Cross Baby Bangle is the ideal size for little wrists, and is able to grow with your child for longer wear. Silver is the traditional colour of Christening Jewellery, wishing the child happiness and prosperity in the future.


Lila Grace Bracelet

Lila Grace Silver Cross Bracelet

A classic design, the Lila Grace Bracelet includes a silver cross charm for a traditional bracelet. This design can be gifted on its own for a beautiful Christening gift idea, or can be found as part of a Mummy&Me set for a unique Christening gift for both Mummy and Baby, giving them both a cherished memory to hold onto and remember every time they see their bracelets.


Christening Necklaces to mark the Occasion

Necklaces make long-lasting Christening gifts that can be treasured for a lifetime. Adjustable chains make necklaces the perfect Christening gift for any age, whether they have been Christened as a baby, or as they were slightly older. 


Discover the Little Star Collection of Christening Necklaces.


Thom Boys Silver Cross Necklace

Thom Boys Silver Cross Necklace

Perfect for the little man at the centre of the event, the Thom Boys Silver Cross Necklace boasts a simple, traditional design that any little boy would be happy to wear.


Add your own personalisations, engraving the charm with a name or date to create a sentimental keepsake that will be treasured.


Olivia Heart Locket

Olivia Silver Heart Locket


This personalisable heart locket is the perfect addition to any Christening, and the ultimate keepsake. Include an engraving of the child’s name or the date of their Christening so they can keep the memory with them forever with the Olivia Heart Locket.


Grace Diamond Cross Necklace

Grace Diamond Cross Necklace

A traditional Christening necklace with a Little Star Twist, the Grace Diamond Cross Necklace adds some sparkle to any Christening. A silver cross, embedded with a beautiful Little Star Diamond, the Grace is ideal for commemorating this special day.


Discover Personalised Christening Jewellery for Treasured Keepsakes

Add something special to your Christening Jewellery from Little Star and add an engraving to your chosen piece. It could be the date of the Christening, their Date of Birth or their name, any personalisation can be added to show your loved ones just how much you were thinking about them and their special day. 


At Little Star, our free engraving service could be the ideal way to take your gift to the next level.

Get in touch with our friendly team for more information about our products or services, or check out our full Christening Collection today.