Jewellery is a thoughtful keepsake for those beautiful childhood memories you never want to forget. Christenings, birthdays and other special occasions are usually marked with a precious piece of jewellery in a little girl’s life, but little boys can also appreciate a stunning bracelet or necklace if given the opportunity.


At Little Star we believe jewellery is for both boys and girls, this is why you’ll be able to find a comprehensive collection of boys jewellery on our website.


Why bracelets are also for boys

Classic keepsake jewellery isn’t a new idea for children. However buying bracelets for boys to celebrate their christening or birthday is less widely practiced. Jewellery for boys doesn’t need to be as sparkly as jewellery for little girls may be, but it doesn’t mean they should have to go without either. Jewellery necklaces and bracelets for boys can be a stylish addition to their wardrobe that also holds those precious memories.


At Little Star we’re strong believers that jewellery can be enjoyed by everyone, which is why we have an inclusive range of jewellery for boys and girls, including christening gifts and ID bracelets. We also offer a collection of Daddy & Me jewellery for the special men in your life. 


Our ID bracelets and necklaces are not only stylish for your little boys, but the free engraving offers practicality to your modern day misters. The possibility of engraving important dates and names, in a range of fonts and styles, creates a beautiful memento.


Christening Charms for little lads

A Christening celebrates the life of a child, and the joy of gaining those special people who are there to pledge to support and care for them for the rest of their lives. Adding to that memory with a beloved christening gift that can be cherished for years to come can make the moment even sweeter.


The Little Star range of christening jewellery has been made with both boys and girls in mind, so no little one misses out on a keepsake for this precious moment. High quality christening jewellery will last the test of time, so you can add it to a memory box and not worry about it being damaged during playtime. 


Christening necklaces and bangles could be the perfect christening gift for both the child and the parents. If you are looking for the perfect present for an upcoming christening, then Little Star has a variety of stunning christening jewellery to suit all tastes.


Why should you buy Little Star for your boy?


Why should your little boy miss out on having his own jewellery? Make sure your little lad doesn’t miss out on the joy of owning their own jewellery when you shop from Little Star. 


Explore our incredible collection of christening necklaces and boys jewellery, many of which offer free engraving for personalisation. Get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions, and we will try our best to help you explore our range of Little Star products to find the best jewellery for you.