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Girls Earrings

Girls Earrings

Getting a girls ears pierced is one of those moments to remember and for some has become one of the rites of passage in life. It is an important memory to mark and we therefore think you should do it in the best style possible with Little Stars range of high quality girls earrings. All our kids earrings are made using recycled sterling silver, with some gold and rose gold plating, real diamonds and fresh water pearls.

A first pair of girls earrings are a special occasion, to be remembered and enjoyed whilst giving the feeling of being more grown up. They should also be built to last and that is why all of our kids earrings are made to the highest quality, we want you to choose them as a first pair of earrings that can be worn for years to come.

Girls Earrings

Earrings For Girls

With 13 styles to choose from it may be tricky to decide which earrings for girls to buy, so here are a few tips to choose the perfect first pair of earrings:

You should always choose stud earrings for your child’s first pair to avoid them catching.

Studs are likely the first pair of earrings that they will wear after getting their ears pierced – a tiny, lightweight pair like our Phoebe Heart Earrings or Ava Star Earrings are perfect starter earrings for girl’s to ensure the piercing stays open. As they grow older, you can simply keep upgrading the size and style of the stud earrings you buy them. Such is the versatility of our stud earrings that women of all ages can wear them too.

Children’s Earring Safety

It’s important that you choose a nickel-safe material to avoid your child having an allergic reaction to the studs. At Little Star Jewellery we only offer girl’s earrings in recycled 925 sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver, which are both Nickel Free. The majority of people are not allergic to silver, as it is a pure metal containing 92.5% silver and a small amount of other metals such as copper or zinc. But it is very important to ensure that there are no traces of nickel, which is the most common source of allergies to jewellery and it is therefore why we test our jewellery to the highest standards.

Most of our earrings for gitls here at Little Star Jewellery have butterfly backs. We find that these are the easiest, safest and most comfortable for girls to wear.

Please note however, that we do not recommend butterfly backed earrings for children under 3 years of age as the small parts can of course represent a choking hazard. In terms of safety, the benefit of stud earrings with butterfly backs, specifically for children is that the stud sits closely and snugly on the ear, without dangling, and is therefore safer and less likely to catch in hair, clothing or other items during play.

A touch of luxury.

At Little Star we are all about quality and giving your family the chance to own something precious. Why not consider a pair of our Girls Diamond Earrings or Girls Gold Earrings as their first chance to own something to be cherished.

Whether buying ‘her first diamond’ or choosing a beautiful keepsake gift, our girl’s diamond earrings are really something special. All the diamonds used are ethically sourced and conflict free. If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of diamond earrings for girls, our girl’s diamond heart earrings Suri or our Noor girls diamond star earrings are the perfect choice. Or for the more contemporary touch try our rose gold heart earrings, rose gold star earrings or even go with our girls pearl stud earrings.